Brochure & Catalogue Design

Put your brand in their hands

Whether it be a printed tactile brochure, a huge catalogue or a unique lookbook, your brand message needs to be clear and effective.

Us designers love print, and have the contacts and resources to produce exceptional printed projects. But, let’s not forget digital. It’s never been more important to create that same impression in a digitally accessible way. We’re here to help you with both.

Let’s talk Brochure Design

Make an impression with great catalogue and brochure design

A well designed catalogue or brochure can convey more information and in greater detail when compared to a website or email. Whether it is a small 8-page document to outline your new offering or a 200-page document to sell your full product range, our team can help you make the most of the simplicity and convenience offered by a well thought out and accessible document. Whether they will be given out directly at exhibitions or sent via post, be printed or digital, we can help you hit the right tone, and communicate the right message to your audience.

We can handle the complete design process including:

  • Pre-production planning and concept design
  • Product photography and copywriting
  • Asset Management
  • Advice on formats and device compatibility
  • Suitable electronic formats, including downloadable and emailable versions
  • Printing techniques including material and finish selection
  • Digital, printed proofs and wet-proofing
  • Print buying and fulfillment

We also offer gated download facilities that can be installed on your website which is a great way to protect your content and analyse who is interested in your offerings.

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