Harfield are the UK's leading manufacturer of polycarbonate tableware. They tasked us to focus on functionality as much as the visual design for their catalogue, something we are perfectly placed to help with. We thoroughly believe 'form follows function'.
"Our new catalogue is our best yet thanks to Contrast Creative. We love it and more importantly, so do our customers! The new tabs have made it so much more user friendly. Thank you to Hazel for all her hard work to get this just perfect!"
Carol Moodie, Marketing, Strategy & Brand Manager, Harfield Components Ltd


Since launching their previous brochure, Harfield had added another partner by way of Sweden’s leading manufacturer of plastic tableware, August Lundh. So, whilst Harfield wanted to ensure that the catalogue design moved forward from the last one, it was also very important that their customers and sales teams should be able to quickly and easily find the products they wanted amongst the ever growing range on offer. As businesses grow and adapt, it’s often paramount to review marketing and communication methods both internally with sales staff and to customers to ensure these changes are a smooth evolution.

Easy navigation

An effective way of helping navigation with hundreds of products is by having clear and defined chapters. These chapters the included sub sections with more specific products within them. We went a step further by introducing tabs, a massive game changer for the content. The tabs allow anyone to easily find what they are looking for and flip straight to the product they want.

To help way-finding throughout the catalogue, we adopted bold and clear typography, along with clear colour references for each tabbed section. The colour palette was chosen to reflect the multitude of colour options provided by Harfield across their product range.

We also added a super glossy laminate finish to the cover to add durability and longevity of the catalogues life. Style wise, the gloss is another brand reference, linking the catalogue back full circle to the high shine polycarbonate tableware products.

Not a ‘dull’ catalogue

As with most catalogues, a grid system was strictly adhered to. This ensures products take up a certain area of each oage, with specific products targeted to have more weighting on a page as ‘heros’, prompting potentially more sales through visibility, There ‘hero’ products are often, new, innovative or firm favourites with customers.

As we regularly produce images for Harfield for their other marketing output such as Inspire, we already had a large bank of assets to use within the catalogue. To insure the catalogue didn’t become a lookbook itself, we focused the layout design on blocks of colour and used the images in a supportive manner, rather than having them centre stage. By focusing on the coloured tabbed sections, the catalogue feels fun and bright which represents the Harfield brand and their products.

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