Harfield Brochure Design



For the newest edition of the brochure Harfield wanted the brochure design to focus on functionality as much as the visual design. Since launching their previous brochure, Harfield had added another partner by way of Sweden’s leading manufacturer of plastic tableware, August Lundh. So whilst Harfield wanted to ensure that the brochure design moved forward from the last brochure, it was also very important that their customers should be able to quickly and easily find the products they wanted amongst the ever growing range on offer. They also wanted to ensure that the brochure was more resilient to wear and tear and so asked us to explore different cover finish options to help  with this.


After reorganising their products into a condensed number of sections, we introduced tabs! Now the customer can see the section they require and flip straight to it to find the products they want. We used bold and clear typography to help the user navigate the brochure easily, along with clear colour references for each tabbed section. The colour palette was chosen to reflect the multitude of colour options provided by Harfield across their product range. A grid system was adhered to, ensuring that most of the products have the same weighting throughout the brochure, where appropriate. As we regularly produce images for Harfield for their other marketing output such as their Inspire lookbook, we already had a large bank of assets to use within the brochure. However to ensure that the images did not appear over-used, we focused the brochure design on blocks of colour and used the images in a supportive manner rather than having them centre stage in the design. By focusing on the coloured tabbed sections, the brochure feels fun and bright which we feel is a good representation of the Harfield brand and their products.