Calla Shoes are a Manchester based company who create beautiful footwear designed especially to fit the feet of women with bunions. Whilst still a relatively new company, founder Jennifer Bailey has big ambitions to grow the company and approached us to help create a cohesive brand vision across their marketing materials.
"Working with Contrast is always an absolute pleasure. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have found a reliable agency that understands our brand and needs, and that delivers high quality content every single time."
Holly Gaffney, Marketing Officer, Calla

Amplifying the brand

Being an online retailer, Calla needed the best photography assets possible to help them sell their products and meet their aim of becoming the world’s leading footwear brand creating fashionable footwear for women with problem feet. Additionally, as a relatively new brand, they wanted help from us to establish a brand style to their photography. They wanted all their images to be recognisably Calla.

We needed to consider the style of photography, props and processing as a way to reflect the quality of the products and really tell the story of Calla and their customer. We worked closely with Jenni, the CEO of the company and her team, presenting concepts which did just that for the creative still life images which would be used on their website, social media and email campaigns.

Every month, we now create fresh new assets for Calla. These help the brand stay current across all platforms and ensures they have great up-to-date content.

Shooting during a pandemic

This Autumn Calla launched a number of new product ranges and wanted our help to create the assets for that campaign. We discussed a lifestyle shoot in Manchester City centre to focus on the customer and put the product in their lives.

With the current challenges of Covid-19 we’ve had to modify our practices to ensure the safety of the whole team. With more in-depth risk assessments and shoot policy procedures in place, plus copious amounts of hand-santiser, we were able to go head.

We did run with a smaller team and decided that we would shoot the models separately and add them into joint shots using post-production. It made for a interesting shoot but it was great to be able to get back to doing what we love and the pictures were amazing!

Using those new assets

Aswell as creating the concepts and shooting the campaigns, we also help Calla with their design needs. We have created an editorial publication which goes out to Calla customers. The publication includes new items, company news and style tips.

Digital marketing is super important to the Calla brand, and they utilise email marketing to new and existing customers. We helped them align the look of these messages to the Calla brand style by creating templates for their most used communications.

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