Sweco is a European engineering consultancy company, active in the fields of consulting engineering, environmental technology and architecture. They contacted us following a referral, keen to produce a video to explain new company policy to employees returning to the office.
Ed engaged with our project right from the first phone call, providing very clear and realistic options for the direction of our project. We felt like our project was going to be in good hands, and we were right. We are hugely grateful to Ed for also working so precisely to the tight schedule and we are delighted with the finished product!
Nick Lovegrove, Sweco

The Brief

Sweco contacted us as they were planning for their staff to return to the office. They had produced a policy document but wanted this putting into an explainer video so that the information was easier to digest.

We were supplied with the Policy Document, the company’s brand guidelines and two-week deadline!

Our Approach

First we worked with our copywriter to convert a lengthy policy document into a succinct draft script to form the basis of the video. We simultaneously worked to put together an overall look and feel for the video. Sweco’s branding is very clean and simple, and the video needed to reflect this.

As this is a video for internal use, the illustration style needed to be warm and welcoming. Equally it needed to be reassuring and allow the information to be conveyed quickly and clearly. We determined that a hand drawn style would work well for this. We used a palette of colours selected from the Sweco guidelines, company font with a textured background to soften the overall look and work with the illustration style.

Bespoke Illustration

Once we had approval to the overall look, the team drew all 17 illustrations, all over a couple of days. To streamline the process we created and built them directly in Motion so animation could be started as soon as the voice over production was completed.

With the illustrations in place and script approved, Louise busted out her vocal talents to produce a draft voice over. This enabled us then to fully storyboard and time the film. This stage gave the client the opportunity to visualise the film and hear the script alongside each other.

The Result

After a couple of tweaks to the script and illustration, the storyboard was agreed so we recorded the script using a professional voice over artist. This combined with the animated illustrations and soundtrack saw the video completed.

Despite the short timescale it was a really fun project to work on and has been really well received by the staff.

If you would like an explainer video for your company, please get in touch.