2019 marked our third year creating the seasonal Inspire brochure for Harfield Components. Supplying the hospitality, childcare and healthcare industries, they are the UK’s leading manufacturer of polycarbonate tableware.
We loved creating our 2019 editions of Inspire by Harfield with Contrast Creative. The process ran smoothly from start to finish. Creative planning, amazing inspiration and design, a fun photoshoot and brilliant results! Thanks team Contrast!
Carol Moodie, Marketing, Strategy and Brand Manager, Harfield Components Ltd.


Each brochure starts with the photography. We discuss the products and themes of each section with the client and from there will plan sets and colours to bring each to life. With a good amount of cooking on the day, the shoots are often busy but rewarding. It is not a day the staff go hungry!



Each brochure has a seasonal feel with the products and concepts chosen to compliment the relevant season. The format of the design has been refreshed over the years with the most recent edition having amazing double page spreads to really make the most of the photography.

Alongside the lifestyle photography we create typographic elements to frame each page for the appropriate content. So for example, on the pages where we are promoting products to go in school we can be a little more playful with the typography. We use elements from the photography to marry up with design elements so that they complement each other across the spread. Each typographic design feels different from the next but we use a simplistic selection of fonts so that it keeps within the Harfield brand.


Harfield produce three seasonal Inspire brochures a year. Each is designed to help their customers see the breadth of products Harfield offer. In turn, the brochures hopefully ‘Inspire’ customers to add the products to their range. The key to making them engaging is to keep the concepts fresh and varied.