Network Scaffolding



Network Scaffolding is one of the UK's largest and most innovative scaffolding contractors. They called upon us to deliver a brochure which illustrated the large scale of their projects and also their impressive position in the industry.
'Network Scaffolding are a great client to work with, our visions aligned on this brochure resulting in a bold and unique representation of them as a company.'
Hazel Gage, Senior Designer, Contrast Creative

The Brief

The brochure was to be left with prospects at meetings so needed to clearly communicate who Network Scaffolding are, what they do and the unique selling points of their services. The client also wanted to be able to accompany the brochure with a complimentary case study design and updated business card design which would also be presented with the brochure. A method to do this in a functional way was also required.

Design Solution

A bold, confident design style was applied throughout the brochure by using a limited colour palette and simple layout and typography. The red highlights and changing flow of the brochure keeps it interesting for the reader, while not overloading the pages with copy helped as well.

By creating a pocket to the inside front cover we created a neat location to house case studies and business cards so that the entire offering to the prospect was self contained and easy to retain.

Winning photography

Having top notch assets to represent your company is a huge plus. Using the photography previously obtained on a day long shoot at a number of sites where Network Scaffolding were currently working, enabled us to create interesting backdrops to the text and subtly reinforce the scale of the projects worked on. It was important to capture the scale of projects and the people working for the company, including the high health and safety protocols.



Sometimes elevating a simple brochure really pays off. By adding a pocket it makes the brochure more versatile and bespoke. Since creating this for Network Scaffolding we have seen an increase in these types of brochures as they give flexibility to you as a company of what specific information to pass to different audiences.

We’re really happy to have delivered this for Network Scaffolding, who knew scaffolding could look so good!