Failsworth Hats are the UK’s leading hat manufacturer. This is our seventh year working with them to create their seasonal brochures. From location sourcing and shoot day planning to placing the final images into the brochure design, we have worked on the full production of this project for the AW20 brochure.


This year we came up with a new direction for Autumn look, while keeping the authentic heritage of both the products and the brand we wanted the locations to have more of a role to play. Often you can plan each image, carefully directing the styling with the location and each product but the final image doesn’t show enough of it off. So this year we wanted to make more use of the locations to set the scene and enhance the brand story.

After much planning and with permits in hand, we started in the city of Chester to give a touch of elegance with well-groomed styling. We then also spent time in Peckforton Estate using their lush forest to create a backdrop of fiery ferns and rich greens which framed our model’s gorgeous red hair.

The studio photography was shot against a white backdrop, simply to maximise how the audience can interact with the product; being able to see each of the product details up close and personal.

Creative Direction

The brochure layout offers full bleed single page and double page photography which allows us to make the most of the wide shots where the locations and the fashion styling are just as important as showing the finer details on each of the hats. Working with Failsworth for 7 years has given us the experience we need to ensure that we manage to successfully do this.

We have gone for a rich autumnal look and feel for this season’s brochure which complements the plush colours and patterns that come through in the new product range.


Each new season comes with a new printed brochure. Although you may recognise the cover design with the metallic logo foil printed on the top right corner, this is intended to keep within the Failsworth style. The inside layout design is reviewed each new season, for this design we have stripped back some of the ornate typographic details and refined how much space the imagery should have so that the photography has maximum effect.

The lifestyle images are a core element of the brochure, which is used as a sales tool throughout the season. The products in these images always sell better to Failsworth customers and are supported by studio images of the main collection.