88Vape launched in 2013 and has quickly grown to be a leading UK manufacturer and retailer of e-liquids and Vape kits. Keen to appeal to the 'urban adult' they contacted us for to help realise this vision.
We LOVE what you've done for us. The images, video and brochure perfectly show off the product and demonstrate all we can offer to potential clients. Thank you so much!
Stephanie Smith, Marketing Manager, 88Vape

Lifestyle photography and video production

The brief to create campaign content for 88Vape showcasing their new range of the latest vape technology, started with the photography. The assets were to be used in a brochure, OOH advertising and online.

For the lifestyle images we organised models, styling and MUA for a location shoot around Manchester City Centre which fitted with the demographics 88Vape were keen to represent. We spent an afternoon in Manchester shooting a collection of still images and footage for video. The main premise was to emphasise the size of the product – showing that it’s easily portable and reaches out to a younger, adult demographic.


Creative photography

The second stage of this project allowed us to inject some adventurous creative concepts for the still life photography. There was a clear request in the brief to fully illustrate the small size of the products. We used concoctions of fruit and drink to draw out the colour from the packaging and connect with the flavours.

The client wanted dynamic imagery with a flavour punch. We achieved this by adding motion and a burst effect, making the product and supporting foods appear as they literally bursting with flavour. Results are a playful approach to a product that needed something to visually pop to make it stand out.

Brochure Design

The last part of the project, was tying the campaign together to produce an A5 brochure. We used the striking imagery full page to create maximum impact and had a clean layout to let the images speak. We also used heavy typography in a minimalistic format to anchor the vibrant colours.

Artwork was also created for a number of billboards and transit adverts which can currently be seen across the country.