Video Production

At a time when so many brands are competing for attention, high quality video is increasingly important for promoting your products and services.


With the costs of video production, music, editing and distribution coming down, now is the time to embrace this medium and reap the benefits. But you need the right guidance to do it properly, capture imaginations and make that first impression the right impression.

Video Production

Videos can deliver a lot of information in very short space of time, evoking a deep reaction through multi-sensory appeal. We can give your video and photography a consistent look that complements your brand and builds credibility.

Web Video Production

Contrast Creative produces videos specifically for important channels such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. We can help you to tell a story, convey an idea and inspire action through targeted web videos that cover everything from slide shows and stop-motion animation to simple product demonstrations.

TV Advertising

Television advertising is still the ultimate tool for reaching the widest possible audience, selling products and starting conversations. Not only can we help you to create great adverts but we will use our media buying expertise to cost-effectively target your customers and reach new ones.