Luux are a brand new eyewear brand. They approached us with their vision to kick start the business through video production and creative direction.
"Thanks, we are incredibly pleased with how quick the turnaround was! We are very happy with how the video turned out"
Liam Parkinson, Founder, Luux


Brand new to the market, Luux came to us to create a product video to introduce their range of sunglasses. They also needed product images and lifestyle images with models for social assets.

Founders, James and Liam, came into the studio to meet with our Creative Director, Ed. During this meeting, they discussed the company ethos, direction of the brand and aim of the video. Luux take an ethical approach to the sunglasses market using more sustainable materials but they don’t let this compromise style, quality or functionality. We were impressed with their product and excited to work with them!

Luux needed the video to show each product clearly, while having an ‘edge’. Highlighting the USP’s was paramount for the video. Primarily this being the wooden frame, flexible hinges and polarised lenses. The video also needed a lifestyle element to show how the sunglasses are unisex.


We began by looking at sources of inspiration for the product video. Our recent video for Globber scooters, gave us a great starting point. In these, we used a turntable to show the scooters in 360 degrees. We were keen to ensure an element of uniqueness and ‘urban cool’, with the wood featuring as a positive design element.

Our designers then created storyboards for the video, working to a desired length of 1 minute. We presented to the client a narrative, which showed key features in an attention grabbing yet uncomplicated fashion for the consumer. As a team, we discussed editing possibilities and ideas for post-production, such as the use of speed and movement, ensuring the storyboards were as creative, yet achievable, as possible.

Storyboards approved and models booked – it was time for shoot day. In our New Islington studio we have the capability and capacity to shoot video and photography on-site. A huge benefit for us and our clients. Luux Founder, James, was on-site to give instant feedback and an area for hair and makeup was set up. A benefit of being able to shoot at our studio is that all our tech gadgets are on-hand to achieve the perfect backdrop and lighting! Our designers were also available to offer advice and confirmation of style, where needed, from the development of the storyboards.

To achieve a high quality fashion and beauty finish to the visuals and stills, a Profoto Prodaylight Air continuous light was used. This achieves circular highlights and reflections on the sunglasses. The product clips benefited from the use of a turntable, giving a 360 degree view of the Luux sunglasses.

Once the video had been shot, it was onto post-production. Ed had a clear vision of how the film would be edited together through extensive discussions with the designers and client. The first cut showed Luux an order of the clips. Approved and happy, we could move onto adding music and effects to the frames. We created a custom effect, to give the products life and noise. You can see the full video with music and effects here. At the same time, lifestyle stills were selected and edited.

Adding video to a photography shoot, or vice-versa, can be cost effective and makes great sense to give your company an increased range of assets. To find out more, check out our blog post: how can video help my business, to see if this could be a useful tool for your company.

We really enjoyed being part of the journey with Luux and wish them success with their new range of sunglasses!