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The popularity of video continues to grow. It is more than just a trend in content marketing; consumers demand it. If you don’t act now and bring video into the heart of your strategy, you’ll likely get left behind and here’s why…

  • 90% of consumers indicate product videos directly inform purchase decisions. 52% say watching a video makes them more confident in online purchasing decisions.
  • 95% of consumers retain information communicated via video, while only 10% retain information from reading.
  • Video offers the best return on investment. 72% of businesses say video has improved their conversion rates.

Contrast Creative have a strong heritage & passion for photography and videography. We’ve long been sold on video’s multi-purpose abilities. Forrester research estimates 1 minute of video equates to 1.8 million written words – a picture really does paint a thousand words!

Gone are the days when creating video meant large TV ads with huge production costs, afforded by the big brands only. Today’s consumer wants an opportunity to connect with you, to see if you are authentic. Polished production is no longer necessary. Consumers want short yet engaging messages which provide them with more information (quickly) or something worthy of sharing.

Attract the new client with small promo videos. Convert warm leads with explainer or ‘how-to’ video’s. Close more sales with client testimonial footage. Delight your committed customers with animations or social videos they can share with their friends.

Although production is more accessible than ever, it will always require creativity, skill and a knowledge of human psychology to launch a truly successful video campaign. That’s where Contrast can come in.

We asked Creative Director Ed a couple of questions you might want to know before getting in touch:  

Ed tell us a bit about how you got into photography & video and why you love it?

My dad was a professional photographer and I started assisting him on shoots from age five! My passion for photography really grew aged 16 while I studied graphic design at college. I realised incorporating photography into my work was the most effective communication tool. Plus I loved working with people and the huge variety of work photography offers.

My first big commercial shoot was with First Choice Airways shooting a week-long campaign in Mexico. We took a model family of 4 and small film crew to convey the customer experience. A dream job! There’s tons of brands we’ve worked for since then on both small & larger national jobs. Most recently New Era, Globber scooters, Charles Worthington & Fudge hair products. I’d say I equally shoot video as much as photography now. I feel our video strength and offering just gets better and better.

Are Contrast a more cost-effective route than going to a production company, especially if the client needs both photography and video? Can you give us a rough idea on cost?

We can be. A large production company will often start with the production element and then tag on the extra costs for stills, whereas we can work out the most cost effective route to achieve what you need. To give a rough idea of costs, if it’s a simple piece to camera or ‘portrait film’ where the person is in an interview situation or pitching their idea to camera then it would be around £400 for a 1min film or £500 for 2-3min film. Here’s a really good example of a ‘portrait film’ we created.

Headshots generally start from £100 for a 1hr session. If shooting multiple people at the same time, say a small team or couple, it works out much cheaper per person. Our minimum shoot fee at the studio is £100 or £230 for shooting on location.

Included in all this is concept creation, company messaging plus we can help with scripts too.   

And for a client who wants to do a brochure with you but could perhaps also bring some products to life with video ‘how-to’s’ or product demo’s, for their website?

Of course this is something we can do. There are various factors which are taken into account for a quote but to add filming to a photoshoot may only cost an additional £150-£200 to the shoot fee. There would also be editing costs of approx £350-£400 for a 1-3min film. Creating a series of 10 second clips for social media could be as little as £35 each if the concept is simple. So adding video to a photography brief can be surprisingly affordable.

We’ve been working on a case study for sunglasses brand LUUX who used us for stills first, then developed into a video campaign.

Get arguably the best, most creative and mutually beneficial marketing medium we’ve seen to date; right at the creative heart of your marketing strategy in 2019. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.