Code Beautiful



Code Beautiful have created the ultimate mascara - now they need to tell people about it. Challenging the whole Contrast team to create a campaign including photography, video and printed materials to spread the word.
"We absolutely loved working on this campaign and providing a range of materials from print to digital. It’s a project that really shows our full skill set from every area of the team."
Edwin Stemp, Creative Director, Contrast Creative

The brief

When we say ultimate mascara, we mean it. Code Beautiful believe that whether you want to create a natural day look or vamp it up for a night out, it’s the multi-purpose mascara that’s the ultimate handbag essential.

With such a bold statement they required the full Contrast treatment for an array of branded material to help spread their message. They required an eye-catching printed mailer to capture the imagination of the prospective clients and stockists it was being sent out to, a set of photography assets for various promotional items and a video that would help set them apart from their competitors.

The solution

We delivered a sub-logo to run across the campaign and a striking set of images which combined a bold use of typography (lovingly handcrafted by our friend Tash).  These images were used for their existing e-commerce website, and various promotional items as well as social media. They also worked alongside a slick new video and a printed mailer we created.

We’re extremely proud of how the project came together and how it worked across multiple different types of media.