Antruk are a specialist Education Recruitment Company and were looking to refresh their branding to improve customer engagement. This new brand identity was then to be rolled out across a new corporate brochure, business stationery and website.
"Thank you so much for your creativity you have really been able to capture our company's style and identity, all of your work has been exceptional."
Antonio Gayle, Founder


Antruk approached us to update their branding. Their existing logo didn’t connect with their business and wasn’t resonating with their customers. We were given free reign to explore and develop a brand which best suited the company’s ethos and aspirations; an education recruitment company who wanted to stand out in the world of recruitment agencies.

The winning concept uses A* embedded within the logo, giving a subtle nod to both education and success. Antruk strives to be the best in their field which fits perfectly playing on the A* metaphor.



The colour palette derives from the necessity to fit within a traditional, corporate sector and utilises blues to do this. Flecks of coral are used throughout the brand to reflect the Antruk postion in the market of ‘doing things a little differently’. When choosing a font we were drawn to Hammersmith. The font has modern and contemporary weight, but with slightly flicked serifs – giving it a traditional twist. With all the elements now in place we rolled out this across the business stationery.

Bespoke icons

Antruk wanted to update the graphic they used to illustrate the process recruits follow. Getting the balance between traditional and the contemporary was paramount once again. By using a style that had more detail than a simple line drawing and taking inspiration from the Hammersmith brand font allowed us to draw a bespoke graphic which suits Antruk and the branded items perfectly.


Aligning the website

The existing website was minimal in styling and it was imperative for brand consistency this was aligned.  Other than the obvious change to logo and font, we used colour blocking to clearly identify and break up the text. This eased navigation and aids visitors flow through the website. We added new imagery which is both in-keeping with the brand and of a consistent style.

With the addition of the new graphics the whole website has a completely new look and feel which ties in better with the brand identity created.


The final task was to produce a corporate brochure which would be available to new prospects. With the intention of generating further contacts, the brochure wasn’t to be overloaded with content. What content there was needed to have a clear format so that all the information was easy to digest.

With the addition of complementary imagery, visually engaging graphics and a soft touch laminate finish, the whole product works together to deliver a tactile, engaging document.

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