Failsworth Brochure Design SS17



We’ve been working with Failsworth since 2013 and in that time we’ve re-branded them, produced a website, many digital campaigns and five stunning brochures, each one eclipsing the previous. With number five we felt we had reached a milestone, almost the end of a first chapter so to speak. With that in mind, number six had to exceed all expectations. So what do you do when the pressure is on? Well we headed to the beach!



This time we started our planning process earlier than with recent campaigns, meeting the client and running through a series of options. It was imperative that we picked a theme/destination that we’d not touched on before and one that would work with the notions of nostalgia but with a modern edge.

The one that stuck in every ones mind was the beach concept, where we could create a romantic picture postcard scene conjuring up visions of the Cote d’Azur in the 1920’s and 30’s, or Saint Tropez in the 60’s. The glamour of these fantastic periods was something that would work perfectly with the company’s values, when people would dress up rather than dress down for the beach.

Alongside the planning for the shoot, we produced mood boards showing different graphic styles that worked with the concept. We looked at typographic styles from classic posters and imagery from old postcards which then evolved into looking at old postage stamps from the postcards and the handwriting on the back of the cards. This then formed the ‘Wish you were here’ idea where we would create this timeless romantic story of a couple enjoying a glamorous trip away.

After sourcing models, locations and hotels, we headed to North Wales (Llandudno) to take on our biggest shoot yet. We divided up locations covering the beach, promenade, a local wine bar and a boutique hotel. Due to the amount of shots needed and styling changes, we had to be military with our schedule and timings. It proved to be a fantastic success and some of the shots are some of the best we’ve created for them.

Once returning to the studio the whole brochure design came to life, adding the images to the brochure page plan. The addition of Polaroids, brush script notes and headline treatment we were able to hint at memories from the romantic weekend.

Below are some of the fruits of what were created on the shoot and that made it in to the final brochure.