Why using a professional design agency over online tools is always better




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In today’s visual world, a company’s design aesthetics are more critical than ever. Design is the cornerstone of any professional & legitimate business. Beautiful designs build favourable brand identity helping reach and excite new customers.

When it comes to your businesses marketing platforms and stationery designs, there are many online tools available to get designs made quickly and cheaply. However, if you are deciding whether to pass your latest design requirements to an agency or whether to attempt some DIY to save cash, consider these 3 questions first:

1. Does the design need to look professional & is it integral to building your business?

Say you want a company logo designing with business stationery to match, you want to achieve a look that communicates “my business is a business you want to deal with”. Canva might be great for a social media logo or header for your Facebook page, but you may find logo designs or letter-head images start to look poor quality when transferred onto your website or printed products.

If you use a designer, they will provide you with all the necessary formats you have discussed – taking into account where items will be seen, whether they are for print on screen, and how they may be used in the future. You may have a lookbook or brochure that you require a high quality finish to give to potential customers, and then a digital copy which is more suitable for viewing on a desktop computer or mobile. Anything that you put out which is associated with your brand is representative of your company. A design agency will ensure consistency and the correct tone of voice is communicated.

2. Need something truly bespoke and specific to your business values and long-term strategy?

Online templates can be great for initial ideas. Yet it’s other people’s ideas that we’ve all seen before. You want to stand out from the crowd, not join. Utilising a graphic designer’s skills and experience ensures you don’t end up with designs that look ‘stock’.

Designers ask lots of questions to understand what you want. Should you want a challenge, they can push you to take more creative risks. Professional designers know their market and consider every possible design consideration before beginning your research. Only then will they set about designing truly unique concepts that are 100% representative of your brand.

You’ll then be presented with a variety of designs; all of which are accessible, compliant and most importantly, appropriate to your brand and long-term strategy – and you don’t have to pick just one of these designs. You could create an amalgamation of “the best bits” and brainstorm further. It’s really up to you.

3. What is your budget?

You don’t see many prices for design-led services offered on websites. Because a client’s design requirements are by nature, so varied, there’s no such thing as a “one-size fits all” approach. So be wary of anyone who states otherwise. (Often the online tools are the main culprits for giving low prices, then adding costs in as you go along).

Using logo design as an example again, if you’re a small start-up who knows exactly what you want designing with minimal research, costs could start from just a few hundred pounds. If you want a collaborative approach with research and moodboards, with a logo and stationery made afterwards, the cost will move towards £500-1,000.

You really do get what you pay for. By engaging with a design agency, you don’t just get a logo – you get a brand. Each element is thoughtfully considered and explored to sit together and reflects your business.

Working with a design agency should be considered for anything that is of high value to your business. You’ll be pleased with the results and returns that come from professional designs.

Online templates can be great for simple things but they are no replacement for highly skilled and experienced professionals. Human connection, flair and the wow factor are what Designer’s seek to achieve. Computer programmes just can’t compete with the value added by great and intelligent design.

“Thank you so much for your creativity you have really been able to capture our company’s style and identity, all of your work has been exceptional.”
Antonio Gayle, Founder, Antruk.

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