Vintage Clothing Company Website Design



The Vintage Clothing Company wanted to update the website design for their wholesale business. The Vintage Clothing Company is the wholesale side of the famous Pop Boutique brand who have stores throughout the UK and Europe but sell world-wide. The original site was quite dated and not responsive. They were keen to update the design and flow of their wholesale informative website, make it suitable for all devices and review the content at the same time.

Whilst only a small and relatively simple website, they were keen that it reflected the feel and ethos of the brand as a whole. This website acts as a gateway for international companies to approach The Vintage Clothing Company for purchase of large volumes of retro clothing.

We proposed clearer navigation throughout the site and more emphasis towards contacting The Vintage Clothing Company. We also made the story behind the company more prominent on the homepage as their longevity in the business is a unique attribute in this market.



Having previously designed and developed the Pop Boutique website plus designed the annual catalogues, we wanted to ensure there was a visual cohesiveness to the various brand elements. Before this, The Vintage Clothing Company had quite a different look to the Pop Boutique site and used a brown paper texture with monochrome text. We felt this could be improved upon with this new website design by bringing design across elements from the Pop Boutique website. We therefore used the pink and yellow colour palette, font as well as the same paper texture as a neutral background.

Wire-frames and a site map were initially created after the mood board was approved showing the simplified navigation and structure. We broke the content down into 3 main sections: Wholesale Clothing, Vintage Grades and Pop Boutique. There is also prominent links on most pages to contact the business.

Using images of the warehouse throughout the site ensured it emphasised the wholesale nature of the business. We also created icons for how Vintage process their clothing for this market, from initial delivery through to grading and packing for customers.

The site has launched, looks great and has had great feedback from their clients.