Standby Productions Website



Standby Productions were approaching their fifth year in business and whilst the original website we created for them back at the start had been highly successful and much complimented, they wanted to evolve the brand and upgrade their web presence to reflect the growth of their company. Standby wanted a site that would enable them to show of the amazing quality of their work, regardless of the device on which it was viewed. It needed to be bold in terms of design and big in terms of functionality. Very active on social media they also wanted a media hub as a focal point for this.



We reworked the logo whilst simultaneously working on design ideas that would have the impact Standby were looking for, whilst still retaining the essence of their brand. We introduced moving imagery in the header images to give more opportunity for visitors to see all that Standby have to offer. We also wanted to make sure their personality showed through which we did subtly with the social icons and staff shots. We delivered a beautiful, responsive site that enables visitors to get the full Standby experience, whether you’re viewing it on a tablet, mobile or desktop.