Saira Shoes Fashion Lookbook



We’ve been working with shoe brand Saira for a few years, seasonally creating their fashion lookbooks and more recently, their new website. Now they are launching a pop-up shop in London’s uber fashionable Shoreditch Road. Saira therefore asked us to help them promote their new shop by creating flyers and an updated lookbook design featuring their new ranges. This required us to create new photography assets incorporating both product images and creative lifestyle images which needed to be very much on trend. Alongside this they also wanted their SS18 Lookbook design and photograhy. They wanted the two to be distinct but given the overlap of products and the fact they would sit alongside each other in store, they needed to share a style and compliment each other.


We started with the store lookbook design and wanted to use photography that was creative, to make the material fit with the Shoreditch market and the pop-up vibe, but very focused on the shoes. Our designers drew inspiration from the meaning of ‘Saira’ and the connections to birds by making the shoes appear to be weightless, as if floating like a feather. Then to make the shoe style and fabrics more impactful, we then used complimentary pastel colours for the background. For the lookbooks design we coordinated the creative images with some product images. We also included some copy to give more information about Saira, the products plus the new store. The leaflets complimented this design but with a clear call to action. The new store is proving to be a big success with the store’s duration being extended until the end of October.