Saira E-commerce Website Upgrade



Following our design and build of the new Saira website last year, the brand have enjoyed continued success. Added to this, their pop-up shop in Shoreditch was hugely popular so they felt that now was the right time to launch an online store and make their website an e-commerce website. Saira wanted this shop element to fit in seamlessly with their existing clean website design as well as integrate the effortless functionality all good e-commerce websites should offer.


Designing the e-commerce section of the site to be as simplistic and easy to use as possible was paramount. With this in mind, we reduced the use of unnecessary separator lines and large titles. Instead, we gave each product enough breathing space for it to occupy its own area in the template and not feel over cluttered. This is a design element which we took from the main website, as the range can be quite brightly coloured and patterned, they need a clean backdrop to show each product off without interruption or disruption during the buying process.

All of the sizing and product information is clearly shown on the product page, using the same styling and font choices as on the main site. It features collapsable areas of information to ensure the page is clean and simple, but still user friendly so that customers can easily access any details they may need relating to products. There are also linked products shown below the selected one to help the user journey and increase sales.