Nine Brands



Nine Brands approached Contrast Creative to create concepts for some creative product photography. These would be used to produce a versatile photography asset library of their newly packaged healthy snack bars. The images would be used across multiple channels, promoting their brand.
"A massive thank you to you and your team for all your hard work."
Michael Cheeseman, Brand Manager, NINE

Who Are Nine?

Nine became renowned as a ‘free-from’ health seed bar after its launch in 1999 and quickly became the No.1 best selling mixed seed bar in the UK. As the trend for healthy snacking has increased, so have the number of competitors. Nine Brands required photographs which represented the ‘Good Seeds, Great Tastes’ motto of the company and help them support their online presence.

A key part of the brief was to show clearly that Nine have seeds in all of the bars and each flavour variant tastes great. A healthy snack that you will enjoy! They believe that everyone should be given access to healthier snacking alternatives without compromising on taste. This is built into the DNA of each product produced.


After thoroughly digesting the brief (and a few bars!), we began to formulate ideas and then presented the strongest concepts to the client. We looked for options that we thought were the most communicative. The avenues presented were falling ingredients, patterns, and hands interacting with the bars.

We really wanted to use brightly coloured backgrounds. We felt the backgrounds would enhance the feeling of enjoyment and big flavours. Additionally the images needed to communicate both healthy and tasty characteristics. To continue the flavour message, we matched the background colours with the primary colour of each bars packaging.

Once we had approval from our clients we got started…  after we’d taken delivery of a couple of hundred seed bars. Our experience in photography and art direction meant that whilst a few scenes presented some challenges, we were still able to efficiently work through our list of 20 shots needed.

Post shoot

Certain images needed more editing than others. For example, some required shots of flying seeds to be taken from multiple images and then stitched together to form one image. The floating bars needed a little work to remove their wire support structure.

Overall we and the client were really pleased with how this art direction and photography project translated through from moodboard to final images. The images can now be seen across Nine’s social and web outlets.

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