Naomi Regan



Naomi Regan came to Contrast Creative looking for a strong and clear brand identity for the launch of her new executive coaching business. Specialising in change management and helping individuals and organisations achieving their goals, Naomi stated her approach was that of encouraging her clients to be 'safely brave', to allow them to overcome their concerns of change and the unknown.
"From the initial concept discussions through to completion I really felt that the team listened and understood what I wanted (sometimes better than me!) and produced a brand that I am thrilled with."
Naomi Regan, Executive Coach


In our initial meeting we discussed what styles she liked and the tone of voice. Naomi was really fond of the branding we did for Capella and was especially drawn to the use of bold colour. Naomi also wanted a logo mark that reflected the sense of forward movement and having direction she would foster with her client. We were briefed to develop the brand guidelines, along with stationery including business cards, email signatures and letterheads, social media assets and a one page website.

Colour and font choices

As colour was a key factor in Naomi’s new branding, this was where we started. We agreed that we wanted a colour palette consisting of a number of colours that could be used across the different assets Naomi required. As a female business owner we were especially conscious of how the use of certain colours could be interpreted by potential clients. We settled on a palette with some bolder colours that were balanced by some softer ones. All the colours complemented each other well, and suited the clientele Naomi was hoping to attract.

When looking at font choice we wanted something clean and strong for the name, with a complimentary font for the strap line. We settled on Filson Pro Regular and Chapparal Pro Light Italic as we liked the balance given by the use of a sans serif and a serif font. We wanted to make any font as unique as Naomi’s clients are, so customised the N’s in the the name. For the logomark we settled on the arrow as a way to show direction and strength.

The roll out

After the brand identity was approved we worked on the branded stationery including business cards which were printed duplex, a letterhead word document template, email signature and social media accounts. We also were able to use the headshots we’d taken earlier in our photography studio. Finally we created a one page holding website to act as a placeholder until Naomi is ready to launch the full site.