Inspire by Harfield Summer 2017



Although the Spring edition of Harfield Inspire was well received, we felt the lookbook design could be improved upon for the second, Summer issue. Both ourselves and Harfield saw ways in which we could improve the style. We both wanted to have a more interesting and creative layout which, rather than having one large image with a standard table set up, instead had more smaller creative shots showing the Harfield products in use. Harfield also wanted to be able to show a greater range of products and tailor the scenes so that they were able to reflect more of the sectors who bought their products.


The first step was to establish the basic layout for the lookbook design. With the same number of pages but an increase of images, the layout needed a rethink. A grid of blocks was established and then a lot of time was spend ensuring that backgrounds, product and food colouring coordinated not just on their spread, but throughout the lookbook.

On the shoot day we had 12 sets to create with multiple dishes to produce for each set! However with detailed schedule, meticulous time keeping and exemplary skills in the kitchen by the Harfield team, everything ran smoothly. As a bonus there was lots of lovely food to nibble on throughout the day!

Post shoot, once the images had been selected we had a quick turnaround to send to print but given the layout had already been designed with the specific images in mind this wasn’t a problem. With the addition of a few decorative titles to bring a rustic feel to the design, it allowed the images to appear accessible. Both us and Harfield were happy with them Summer edition of Inspire and so too were there customers. We can’t wait to start on the Winter edition.