ImageLab is a newly established school training those interested in working within the Fashion industry. Looking to recruit people looking to be the stylists, make up artists and photographers of tomorrow they wanted a brand which had demonstrated a strong fashion vision and also evoked trust in those students.


After discussions with clients and research on the market place, we presented a selection of styles. Even though the brand is fashion focused, they were keen on showcasing their professionalism and wanted to ensure the branding replicated their high-end, prestigious offering.

A classic style with a vogue feel was a strong favourite but with the addition of a nudge to the modern. To contrast with the classic serif font, we wanted strapline ,’The School of Excellence’, to be in a more modern font which was clear and crisp. We introduced the element of the IM, as in ‘I’m’, being underlined was a subtle nod to the ambition of the students as will be used at a later promotional materials to represent those. This also allowed us the opportunity to add a splash of colour with the line which can be used throughout other materials as a graphic element to either separate or join content together. It also breaks up the otherwise monotone colour palette.


We had two shoots with ImageLab to create a bank of assets to be used within the various marketing materials, social media and on the new website. The first shoot was to get images of the interior of the school, the founders and students to create images which would give potential students a clearer vision of the offering.

In a second shoot the training team used their skills, working their magic to create some bold looks and aspirational images to be used in all media to inspire potential students.



We used the created assets to create branded stationery but the main focus was on the company launch. For this we designed a overview booklet, exhibition banners plus created a package of merchandise to go in branded tote bags to be given to potential students.

For the printed materials, we kept the overall look simple, using the orange line as an accent to highlight important information. Key photography of the students and the interior of the school was key to communicating the school mission and courses available.