Haus Glass Branding



Originally the BiFolding Door Company, they had evolved greatly since their inception in 2011. Growing from strength to strength and also broadening their product range, they felt they needed to rebrand to reflect their new offering and align with the dynamic future ahead. Now Haus Glass, they needed a new logo, colour palette and business collateral to take them forward.


We provided them with a simple, typographic logo using a sans serif font with clean lines and no flourishes to reflect the structural nature of their products and worked over imagery to echo the transparent materials they used. In addition to prime font choice, we also added a secondary font that was in a handwritten style to add a warmth and peronalised feel to the brand. When looking at the colour palette, we chose tones which complimented the scandi chic feel of their brand, invoking a feeling of hygge. We then applied this to the business collateral needed.

The finished result is clean and elegant, very much like the products they sell.

We’re now busy working on their product brochure ready for the brand launch at Build It Live 2017.