Failsworth Hats



Failsworth Hats are the UK's leading hat manufacturer. This is our 6th year working with them to create the photography and design of their seasonal brochures. Keen to keep evolving their offering, Failsworth approached us wanting a complete new look for both the Men's and Women's AW19 brochure.

"We love it. Contrast continue to deliver great photography and design."
Becky Moran, Failsworth Hats


We wanted the photography to reflect the authentic heritage of the products. We also wanted to get more of a sense of the location the shots were taken in, having fewer close cropped images. Instead we focused on more styled locations with textures and props featuring heavily.

Location & styling

As the products are for the Autumn/Winter brochure which focuses on more country casual styles, we based ourselves in the lovely Cheshire Countryside, stopping in on Knutsford and the beautiful Rostherne. We wanted to convey the lifestyle of the average customer so capture country walks, rustic pubs and village streets. The fashion styling was key to create the high-end classic appearance for both our models.

Brochure format

This was the biggest single season brochure to date with 76 pages of products. Given this we added a contents page to assist buyers navigating the brochure. We went with a heavy uncoated stock for the cover with foil finish on the logo to compliment the products.


Brochure layout

We updated the ladies studio shots by applying a stronger tonal background and updating the outfit styling. We also added more textile manufacturer icons and freshened up the layout of all the product information.