ESEM website design



ESEM is one of the leading specialised travel management companies catering for European football teams playing their Champions League, Europa League and International matches in the UK and across the continents.

We were approached to refresh the look of ESEM’s website using modern and responsive website design techniques. Our task was to help position them alongside the ranks of esteemed clubs such as Bayern Munich and Manchester City. Because of these prestigious clubs and the events ESEM are involved in, it was imperative that we looked at cutting edge technologies for the website and that the high quality, professional services offered by ESEM were reflected in the website design.



As part of the process, we felt their videos could be refreshed to create impact and anticipation throughout each video with the use of cuts, sound design and an energetic soundtrack. We worked together with our friends at Standby Productions on ideas for the look and feel to make sure that all the videos had consistency with the brand elements used in the new website.

ESEM were a pleasure to work with as they had clear ideas about what they wanted and were extremely focused on the end goal throughout the process. They wanted a bold, modern website that reflected the exciting work they do.

We worked with an array of existing imagery, bringing it up to date using colour overlays and bold text, to really highlight some of the companies key USP’s. We then photographed the staff members for the team page to add the finishing touch. We’re extremely proud of the website – we’d love to know what you think?