BeautyBay TV Advert



Online beauty product masters are well-versed in the art of ‘digital channel marketing’, but they needed our expertise in the art of creating stunning videos and idents to steer more customers to their site. They asked us to create an eye-catching, up-tempo TV advert to shake their audience into visiting their online store, which is chock-a-block with the very latest, leading brand beauty/cosmetics ‘must-haves’.



A pulsating TV commercial featuring a bevy of spectacular models (all cast by us). We followed this up with a range of Flash banners for the website, and a series of sponsorship idents to refresh and add vigour to the on-screen offering. Working closely with the BeautyBay design team, we finished up with a highly memorable campaign that would feature on YouTube, TV and lead to a one-off Girls Aloud sponsor ident, the first of its kind to utilize Shazam (mobile app) technology to link mobile phone users directly to the website.