Arden Branding



With the success of the animated software video we created for our client Arden Software we were lucky enough to be asked to look at refreshing and modernising their brand as a whole, for the entire Arden Group.

They required continuity across all their marketing output and a set of guidelines so that they could administer these across their internal documents.



We decided when looking at the previous brand attributes, that everything needed simplifying in order to create a more direct brand.  This meant that all effects, drop shadows, filters and product montages were dropped in favour of a whole new suite of photography (product, staff and lifestyle) and a simple two colourway system for each division within the group.

The new photography added a more personable feel to the brand, showing interaction with the products, which we thought was important to enable customers to connect with the brand. Also when used alongside the colours, revised logo and new selected typeface it gave a much more focused vision for the brand.