Altr Skincare Advertising Campaign



Mens skincare brand Altr required wanted help with an advertising campaign to launch their product into high street stockists. The required photography assets they could use for their online and social marketing plus on some POS flyers to display in-store at stocklist locations. Given their target market are young men, they wanted some eye catching and confident visuals which reflected the cheeky, care free ethos of the brand.


Once it was decided images would play a large part in the design, we developed photography moodboards. These were shared with the client before shooting to ensure we captured the right images to fit with the brand and cheeky tone of the Altr campaign. With the help of our lovely models, we captured some great, fun images on shoot day. You can see some behind the scenes shots from the day on the blog post.

We decided on a concertina format for the flyer which would allow stockist to use the flyer as part of the product display and secondly the A5 size was a convenient size for the customer. Focusing on the photography assets within the leaflet design we used subtle elements from the branding design to bring the whole piece together.