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What’s great about this year’s ‘must-have’ marketing trends? They’re an extremely effective way to boost your bottom line and offer a whole host of ways to be creative.

Weave any 4 of these marketing tactics into your company design & strategy and you’ll be one step ahead all year.

1. Video Content

It’s no longer apt to term video a mere ‘trend’. Its popularity continues to grow quickly because it works. For both business owners and consumers alike.
• 70% of consumers say that they have shared a brand’s video.
• 72% of businesses say it has improved their conversion rates.

As video production costs fall, there’s never been a better time to get animated. Whether you want to use: animated social media content across your platforms, show behind the scenes glimpses of events, create promotional shorts or showcase new products the opportunities to create useful and engaging content are endless.

Plus as Video is now included in search engine results pages, it’s a real marketing multi-tasker, hitting SEO goals as well as general sales and engagement.

Take a look at our recent project with Globber. Not only did we create full length promotional product videos but we also re-edited these into short clips for use across their social media platforms.

We could help your company use video to create humour, inspiration or clever and engaging content to demonstrate your brand USP’s.

2. Personalisation

Personalise your content, products, and emails and Marketeers say you’ll see performance increase over 3x the traditional ‘one size fits all approach’.

With the availability of 1st and 3rd party data, we’ve been able to infer what our customers want based on their ‘likes’, purchase history and what ‘type’ of links they tend to click on.

However, since the advent of GDPR, the focus for 2019 and beyond is building zero party data. By getting permission and opt-in’s, your brand has the perfect opportunity to build more direct conversations with your clients. They can tell you what they actually like and want to receive from you. Whether that’s getting info on specific new product lines, or value in the way of special offers, events or loyalty rewards, you’ll know your future marketing should see a higher ROI.

What innovative ideas have you got to make sure your service is more personal this year? 

3. Design trend: Yesterday’s Tomorrow

Watching Maniac on Netflix? The design ‘yesterday’s tomorrow’, is adopted throughout this beautifully shot and gripping TV series. Think glowing neon, buzzing synthesizers and a hark back to the early tech days of the classic Tetris computer game. The most popular design trends this year are bright and bold in colour, with a raw edge. They look eye-catching but not too polished.

Even if your brand design doesn’t fit these styles exactly, you should still use them cleverly within your video, e-newsletters or on social media perhaps, to stay ‘on-trend’. – Should you?? Maybe ‘can’ instead of ‘should’.

How can your company use these modern styles in your marketing materials to ensure increased engagement with your brand this year?

*Image credit: Netflix

4. Sustainability

40% of plastic used in the UK is for packaging. The move towards using sustainable and ecological packaging is no longer a ‘trend’. It’s an absolute must. Turning the new wave of packaging into part of your marketing ‘experience’ is a real no brainer. We can help you source the best biodegradable, reusable, natural, or create zero packaging options and show you how they can also embellish your customer experience.

Brands like Lush have been doing this brilliantly for years. Their touchy -feely products use refill pots or no packaging at all. This makes them the ultimate in Instagram-worthy.

Even if you sell a service and not a product with packaging, your promotional materials and merchandise can still have a sustainability overhaul.

Have you ensured your output is ethically great and of value to your customer?

We hope this has given you some marketing inspiration?

If you don’t have enough time or the right ideas to get these into action, by Contrast, our creative stores are always over-flowing!

Get in touch today and we’ll help ensure your 2019 marketing is the most eye-catching to date.