The importance of brochure design in marketing

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We’re taking a look back at some of our past projects as the year comes to a close. When considering the importance of brochure design a project we are keen to revisit is Harfield Inspire. We’ve now done editions for Spring, Summer and Winter.

Harfield were already in the process of updating their main catalogue when they approached us with this idea in January. However they also wanted a document they could send to their clients periodically. This would be a cost effective way to keep them updated with their new products. But not only that, they also wanted their clients to be inspired by the possibilities of how the products could be used. We felt that clients would get a better sense of the benefits of the products if we could showcase them in a way that would replicate how the clients would use them. Something that wasn’t possible in the main brochure due to space constraints.

Whilst the style of the brochures evolved over the course of the year, they succeeded in their main aim which was to increase sales demonstrating the importance of brochure design.

Here are some benefits you might find from this type of marketing document:

  • Cheaper to produce and are minimally expensive to distribute in comparison with a full product brochure.
  • Easier to keep current.
  • Can be tailored to specific events relevant to your market for example trade shows or exhibitions.
  • You can adapt them to target particular client groups.
  • By keeping in touch with your clients more regularly you are reaffirming your brand position.

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss further how brochure design can fit in with your marketing plan or take a look at more Brochure Design projects.