Wrap up for Christmas




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Don’t ever under estimate the difficulty in wrapping up your colleagues head, hands and feet with wrapping paper… especially the head!!

Our concept for this years Christmas campaign is a visual play on the words ‘wrap up’. We knew we wanted to use photography and art direction to create a set of bold and colourful Christmas cards. The idea stems from the notion of wrapping up at Christmas time with a double interpretation; wrapping up warm with gloves, hats, scarves… and also the joy in wrapping gifts and presents.

The playful approach to ‘wrapping up’ people instead of presents allowed us to source paper and props we don’t often get the chance to work with. We decided to use oversized bows, glitter backdrops, tights for sleeves… and gorgeously tacky wrapping paper.  We used three colours in the Curious Metallic range from Arjo Wiggins to create a textured background that carries a subtle glitter sheen.

Underneath the layers of all of that, the message of this project is to raise awareness of the charity Lifeshare in Manchester. Lifeshare is Manchester’s oldest charity working closely with homeless and vulnerable around Manchester and Salford. They provide care packages for those in need and are actively seeking donations of food and clothes.

To tie in with our theme of ‘wrapping up warm’ we have collected and donated food and clothing which will be used to make those in need a little more comfortable over Winter. We encourage you to donate this Christmas if you are able, please visit the Lifeshare website and find out what items they need for the packages.