Why you should review your branding today




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Are you starting the New Year with resolutions to look, feel and do better than ever before? Are you ready to grab new opportunities with both hands?

Apply the same exciting resolve to your business. A brand review is the best way to get your company in shape.

Answer these 3 key questions honestly and discover how to go from average to spectacular this year.

1. Does your branding clearly identify what you do and your USPs?

Your brand image needs to encapsulate your USP’s and communicate them clearly and quickly. Branding encompasses not only your logo but also your colour palettes, tone of voice and image styling plus much more. Together they should all embody your company values and be filtered throughout all of your marketing materials.

Your branding may have been spot on when created, however, through the years the message it now communicates may miss the mark. A logo that displayed your eco-promises may not look modern or dynamic enough anymore? Trends pass and all companies should regularly review how they present themselves to see if there is room for improvement. Just think of the old serif Google logo compared to the new playful yet simplified sans serif version.

2. Does your branding communicate key messages effectively?

Without getting too Aristotle, you need to explain the ‘Why’ through your brand identity too. Why does your company exist and what set’s you apart from the competition? Strong brand design and identity can bring your USP’s and your tone of voice to life.

To see whether your current branding is doing this effectively, it may help to ask yourself whether your branding is communicating what your company Thinks, Says and Does .

If your company was inspired by a mission to deliver fresh, healthy food to busy customers in a bid to reduce food waste, it makes sense your packaging is made from recycled materials. How about packaging in your company colours with your logo/ fonts clearly stating the packaging is compostable?

If your company has made a promise to customers to always deliver on time and donate a % of profits to environmental charities; maybe this forms part of your logo’s image? Or perhaps it could become a tagline used below your logo, on any marketing or promo materials?

If your business does all manner of activities throughout the year to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and a legitimate contribution to a more sustainable world, your customers will love to know about it.

But what’s the best way to communicate your efforts, without compromising your brand value of less waste? Digital communication will be the best way to tell your story and keep traditional forms of paper-led marketing to a minimum. A short video produced every quarter could be THE ideal way to deliver your headline news.

Good for the environment – tick. In unison with your brand – tick. Great to share on social – tick

A win-win!

3. Is your brand equity & messaging consistent?

If you are inconsistent with any element of your brand image or marketing communications, you will create an integrity gap. This gives people reason to doubt you.

By contrast, consistency in marketing materials and activities, will increase the value and return of your marketing investments.

When you continue to push key messages with regularity, in a consistent tone of voice and style, you’ll see an increase in; brand equity, authenticity, trust, authority and innovation in your industry. It’s all rather simple.

Get an unbiased brand review booked in today.

In no time at all your business will be in the best shape of its life: ready to take the year by storm.