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Lookbooks are the perfect tool to allow brands to showcase their range and allow buyers to get a feel for the brand. Don’t think of your lookbook as a catalogue filled with your full range, prices and order forms but instead as a little teaser, designed to excite customers and get buyers interested in your brand.

Your lookbook could be the first point of contact between a buyer and your brand – so creating a professional fashion lookbook could really make all the difference in securing that sale.

Here we’ll outline our top tips and explain why you should invest in your next lookbook.


A great lookbook starts with great imagery. Typically low on copy, it is the imagery in a lookbook which will tell everyone all they need to know about your brand.

With that in mind it is impossible to underestimate the importance of high quality photography. A good photography agency will be able to ensure your images really hit the mark with your target audience.

They will provide top quality art direction, scout the right location or come up with an interesting studio concept; ensure that you have the right model who can reflect your target audience and be both aspirational and relatable; provide a stylist to pull looks together and a have the technical know-how to produce impactful images.

Flow to the lookbook

Once you have your imagery, the lookbook needs to be put together to make the most of the images. A good lookbook will tell a story, introduce the collection and tell your audience all about your brand.

Often featuring a balance of lifestyle photography and product images with a close up of unique features, the right design will make your products really shine.

Whilst content is usually limited, it is important to still make sure that there are clear signals for what the reader should do next. Clear calls to action to make it easy for new customers to make the next step in the buying journey.

A good designer will think carefully about how each photo or section complements the others to create a consistent style throughout and a story for your collection.

Why print?

Digital lookbooks are popular for obvious reasons but to give a tangible connection between your product and the audience can really lift  engagement.

By printing your lookbook it gives you the opportunity to play with textures and consider the stock the lookbook will be printed on as well as luxurious finishes. These can be used to reflect the touch and feel of your products in the print and emphasise your brand position.

Have a more environmentally conscious brand offering? Recycled and recyclable stocks are now popular and enable you to have this communication avenue whilst staying true to your brand values.

People will often visit many brands before making a choice but to have a quality item for a buyer to retain can ensure it is your brand that they return to.

Why hire the professionals?

As with everything, budget is a major factor but if you are going to invest in your brand, you need to hire the best you can afford.

It can be tempting to pull in favours from friends or go for the cheapest quote but it can be a false economy. Models are trained to make sure the products are shown to their best and are experts at doing this quickly so you can get the most out of your time with a photographer. An experienced photographer will also know how to get the best out of the model, be lighting experts, know the perfect locations as well as manage all the boring stuff like licences, permits and insurance.

How we can help?

As an agency with talented photographers and designers, we can handle everything. We have a great relationship with model agencies, make up artists, stylist, location agencies and printers to make your products look their absolute best so you get maximum return on your investment.

Get in touch if you’re looking to get a lookbook for your brand.