MODA 2019




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This August we took a trip to MODA to take a look at the various fashion clothing, accessories and footwear brand exhibiting.

With a number of fashion brands on our books we like to keep in touch with the brands and see what’s new for the upcoming season. We also found it was very interesting to see also the trends for their marketing materials. Here’s what we noticed:


There seems to be less emphasis on small marketing items and more on larger formats such as A3 lookbooks and magazines. It’s an uncommon format for us as it is obviously less practical than a smaller format but it gives a great opportunity to see the images of the products at a larger scale.



We didn’t see as much on sustainability as we had expected. A number of our brands are reporting to us that this is something their customers are very keen to see represented in the brands they buy from but it wasn’t evident from those brands showing at MODA.


There were lots of bold colours and lovely, large lifestyle images which (obviously) grabbed our interest. It was also interesting to see that not all branding invest in high-quality professional photography and note how that seemed to set them apart from those who do.



There were lots of bright and bold stands with unique products but there is also a lot of cross over of product types. It’s interesting to consider how a brand, especially a smaller or new to the market brand can be seen and set themselves apart from the competition.



The packaging bags and boxes were of a high quality. It’s good to see that brands consider the end user even when they are selling B2B.