Behind the scenes – Fitness centre shoot

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So after weeks of planning and preparation we finally headed out across Manchester and the Peak district on an epic shoot for a South Manchester luxury gym.

(Unfortunately we have to stay quite tight lipped on the name – although the images below may give you a sneaky clue) .

It was the longest day – from the 5am start to capture the vast sunrise on Oxford Road, through to the beautiful sunset at 9am up on Wingather Rocks in the Goyt Valley. Along the way we ran, climbed, and waded through streams in order to capture the perfect shot along with our friends and colleagues at Standby Productions.

After months of working on a rebrand for the mystery fitness centre the photoshoot was a chance for the new brand to take a wander out of closed doors. Unfortunately, this is as much as we can show you though as the final shots and video still have to be kept under wraps till the launch of the gym in October/November.

So keep an eye out on the Contrast site for any further developments.