Fedrigoni 365

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After admiring our 2018 edition of Fedrigoni 365 for a whole year, we were delighted to be selected to feature in Fedrigoni 365 for 2019!

The book works as a visual calendar, bringing together 365 UK-based designers, illustrators and photographers. Each participant was asked to contribute a piece of work interpreting a date provided to them at random. Confines were established to challenge each designer’s creativity by restricting the book to one colour print, which forced their pieces to focus strictly on concept, shape and form. These date designs are then collated and moulded into this book of beauty. As Fedrigoni are paper producers, it is a great collaboration of design and print. For the 2019 edition, each design was printed to one of ten white sheets from Fedrigoni’s expansive collection of papers.

Contrast were given the date of November 10th. Our interpretation was: 10 pieces of our everyday design kit captured in 10 minutes, that keep the studio spinning.

Profits of the 2019 edition will go to Shelter, to help fight against homelessness and poor housing in the UK. To purchase your copy of the book, either follow this link to buy it online via Counter-Print.