Back to the future with email campaigns

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With email marketing enjoying a bit of a renaissance at the moment we thought it was important to mention how it can be an incredibly useful tool for your business when used effectively. With the right contact data and message, backed up with a stunning design, it’s the ideal way to reach your target market.

With it getting harder to reach your audience using crowded social platforms, the ongoing changes with Facebook and costs of boosting your posts, people are returning to email marketing as a solution.

Here at Contrast Creative we design, build and distribute emailers for a number of our clients using a selection of distribution platforms. All are beautifully crafted, inline with their company branding and mobile friendly which is just as well as reports are now showing that email opens on mobile are the most popular ahead of desktop and webmail.

“Data for over 1.8 billion opens from campaigns sent in 2013 shows that mobile is the most popular environment for a subscriber’s first interaction with an email”.

Below are some examples of some of the campaigns we’ve created for our clients as well as our very own ‘The Loop’, which is our monthly newsletter, giving an insight into ‘all things Contrast’.

So if your a bit bamboozled with using social media and feel like putting on an old trusty pair of shoes then come and join us in promoting the emailer revolution.