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I was very grateful to be offered a design placement and the opportunity to work alongside designers at Contrast Creative. The past three weeks I have been able to see how a creative studio works, and as the company is split into High Contrast (photography) and Contrast Creative (design) it was interesting to see how efficiently they worked together on projects.

As soon as I arrived I was shown around the studio, I instantly felt relaxed and settled into what I knew would be an enjoyable environment. The whole team was very welcoming and although I am not a hot beverage drinker, it didn’t stop them asking me everyday if I wanted a tea or coffee.

Some days I was shadowing, learning a day in the life of a Designer, other days they kept me busy with a wide variety of briefs testing my illustration, layout design and even art direction skills. I was also lucky enough to work on a project from start to finish, which gave me something I can add to my portfolio. They were very open to my ideas and made me feel like part of the team not just an onlooker. I have learned a lot and its eye opening to see how fast paced the industry is and what to expect in my future career.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here; I will miss the studio and hope we will stay in touch. I just wont miss the delayed trains every day!

Big thanks to Hazel, Louise, Ed and Alexis!