…we can’t wait for more of the same next year!

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With the Contrast Creative studio doors due to close in the next few hours we’ve all been getting nostalgic about the past 12 months.

It’s been a fantastic year for us with a number of highlights – our studio team growing, moving into our swanky new office and not forgetting the success of our Wear Contrast campaign.

Checkout our Instagram page to see what else we got up to this year, and checkout our site in 2015 for what plans to be a really exciting year! Happy New year everyone!

PS. Some of the other key moments our team have enjoyed this year (which in no means are less important than the above) are…

Ash’s love of astronomy
More importantly all things Brian Cox. So when she got to meet the ex-D:ream keyboardist earlier this year our Ash was excited. Seriously excited.

Mario’s search to become a professional model
After the Wear Contrast shoot Mario took a fancy to becoming a millionaire playboy and becoming part of the fashion fraternity full time. However he’d miss typography too much.

Mark’s fascination with pastry
Or more to the point the king of the pastries – the sausage roll, which to this day is a key part of his dietary requirements.

Ed’s football coaching technique
Which he displayed showing Manchester United’s Dutch ace Robin Van Persie, the perfect way to strike a ball. ‘Robin son, it’s all in the hips’.

Louise’s love of maracas
Which she showed off ‘shaking her thang’ at this years Christmas do. We think that the caipirinha cocktails played a bit of a part with this.