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Azendi approached Contrast to completely re-vamp their winter and bridal collection brochures. We were tasked with using our expertise to shoot, design, write and plan for them both.

They needed
A set of brochures that would have a look and feel of a ‘coffee table’ book, something that would carry the impact, size and confidence of the products through to the end user.

We delivered
Beautiful imagery, minimal typography and clean and simple layouts showing off the products to their best.  For the bridal collection we were able to take full advantage of our contacts including bridal wear specialists and furniture manufacturers, and were able to pull together the perfect combination of classic styling.

We delivered
The brochures were extremely well received throughout the 18 UK retail outlets. The success escalated and a series of adverts were booked to promote the Winter collection, these appeared in Grazia and a series of Sunday supplement magazines.


Bold contemporary imagery
It was important to create a strong visual look that would combine with the beautifully crafted products for all the press ads.


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